Marcela Ramírez-Aza


Artist: Marcela Ramírez-Aza (Colombia)

Title: Transgresión

Date: 2018

Medium: Painting, Oil, Acrylic, mixed media

Dimension (cm):

L 50


H 125


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Transgresión is an artwork belonging to Marcela Ramírez-Aza‘s collection.

Transgresión. The different techniques of color on an almost black-and-white base have a powerful visual impact. A face, sometimes emerging from a dark background, appears as an inscrutable mask. It shows its presence behind a big black rectangle, largely covering the foreground. Meanwhile, dripping lines cross vertically the image, and it is as if the face itself could melt or recompose again. Therefore, the only eye we can perceive has an unsettled black socket and can hold anything. An image that rises from the past. Or, from a future only partly materialized. Finally, everything converges on his barely sketched smile, which means understanding, that means endless affection, or the greatest melancholy. The different techniques of color used, or barely sketched, on an almost black-and-white base, bring to a result a powerful visual impact, almost an expressionist one, that has assonance with the graphic work by Alberto Breccia and his splendid, oneiric character of Mort Cinder, created in 1962.

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