Surendra Narayan Saraf

Tika 3

Artist: Surendra Narayan Saraf (India)

Title: Tika 3

Date: 2020

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 35


H 45








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Tika (3) is an artwork belonging to Surendra Narayan Saraf’s collection.

In Hinduism, tilaka (Sanskrit: तिलक) is a sign usually worn on the forehead, sometimes on other parts of the body such as the neck, hand or chest. The tilaka can be worn daily or just for rites of passage or special religious occasions, depending on regional customs.

The term also refers to the Hindu ritual of marking someone’s forehead with a perfumed paste, such as sandalwood or vermilion, as a welcome and expression of honor when they arrive.
Surendra, very attached to the traditions of his country, wants to convey this religious symbolism, but at the same time full of blessings to the viewer of his paintings.
On Tika he has created a very particular series and this makes him an original contemporary artist.

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