Natasha Perekhodenko

The intersecting worlds

Artist: Natasha Perekhodenko (Ukraine)

Title: The intersecting worlds

Date: 2017

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 122


H 77


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Money Back: Yes

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The Intersecting Worlds is a work from Natasha Perekhodenko’s collection.

The intersecting worlds. If we wanted to decipher this picture, we could call it a big dilemma. Are “intersecting worlds” the clash between different visions or more simply a meeting between them? Herein lies the idea of the artist. A world with soft colors that meets a transparent one defined by almost impalpable shapes. Is it a meeting or a clash? We don’t know and the author doesn’t reveal the mystery. Here is the spectator who with his mood decides to interpret in one sense rather than another. There is no violence, there is no harshness, yet something strange is happening. The colors that are clouded by these shapes do not leave a truly positive feeling, but it is known that everyone is a source of inspiration for himself and what is valid today may no longer be valid tomorrow.

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