Onyinye Ezennia - Zennia

The Faceless

Artist: Onyinye Ezennia 'Zennia' (Nigerian)

Title: The Faceless

Date: 2022

Medium: Acrylic and thread on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 61


H 61


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Money Back: Yes

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The Faceless is a work of Zennia’s collection.

The Faceless. The artist’s complaint clearly identifies the woman as a tree. The woman, the tree of life from which the fruits that will prolong the species are born, but at the same time a non-existent face, the only concession is two small fiery red lips, a sign of love, but also of how they are often ignored. It is a reminder of the importance of that half of the world without which the human race would not exist and the respect it is due.

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