Elena Prokhorova

Sky theatre

Artist: Elena Prokhorova (Russia)

Title: Sky theatre

Date: 2020

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Dimension (cm):

L 36,5


H 103


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Sky Theatre, is a work from Elena Prokhorova’s collection

A classical dancer rehearses her steps in a huge deserted theater. A test? Or the dream of a young girl, who would like to perform in a place so majestic as to strike fear? Difficult to say. The artist has always stated that her purpose is to convey her emotions through her images, sometimes dreamlike others imaginary, but linked to a lived experience, but always delicate. In this case, the largest space is dedicated to a starry sky and a large cloudy form, as if the dancer were dedicating her art to those who are no longer there, but she can only admire it from the sky. A dedication? We do not know. But the closed eyes of the dancer suggest a gift to someone who is in the heart more than in her eyes. Here Elena has been able to convey all this with a sort of “magic”.

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