Natasha Perekhodenko


Artist: Natasha Perekhodenko (Ukraine)

Title: Shallow

Date: 2017

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 60


H 60


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Shallow is a work of Natasha Perekhodenko’s collection.

Knowing the love that the painter has for nature and its many expressions, we could define this work as the satellite view of the mouth of a river in the great Amazon forest. The colors that pile up on each other, seem to delimit those large shoals that we sometimes see in documentaries and which act as a barrier to the impetus of the sea, leaving a thriving and no less seething life to live quietly behind it. Green areas that delimit a front by hiding behind them portions of muddy ground or simply a swamp where mangroves unravel in a thousand streams. Or we could read everything as a strip of land that is seeking with the patience that only Nature has, to recover those spaces that Nature itself had left to the waters, an eternal battle without losers or winners between the various souls of the same Mother. Finally, the thin red lines almost to remember those beaches where the sand is made up of grains of rosy shells that have finished their life cycle and are pulverized with the force of the sea but do not disappear, they only change their shape.

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