Onyinye Ezennia - Zennia


Artist: Onyinye Ezennia 'Zennia' (Nigerian)

Title: Selflove

Date: 2021

Medium: nails, acrylic, thread (string) on board

Dimension (cm):

L 51


H 61


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Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Selflove is a work from Zennia’s collection.

Self-love. As they say, love for others begins with loving each other. Zennia shaped this concept. A girl who simply loves herself with a small flower. It is beautiful that in the work there are above all two elements that stand out, the heart of the mouth and the flower. Their bright red is also the color of love and at the same time of passion. The subject is actually half hidden in the play of background colors that turn from dark green to brownish red.

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