Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin

Regard out of lines

Artist: Frederic Durieu (Belgium) and Nathalie Erin (France)

Title: Regard out of lines

Date: 2020

Medium: Aluminium plates with a hard plastic core Edge: Black between metal plates, rounded corners

Dimension (cm):

L 80


H 80


W 0.3

Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Regard out of Lines, is a work of Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin’s collection.

Regard out of lines. Digital art knows how to convey ideas and values just like other artistic expressions. It is not the computer that creates it, but the mind of man. The two artists in this work want to communicate two things to us. The first technique, namely that each image can also be constructed using a single geometric element, as here is the line. The second is psychological: to look beyond, in the sense of leaving the artificially pre-established human categories and observing the human being in his splendid variety.

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