Denis Barry

Purple sunset

Artist: Denis Barry (USA)

Title: Purple sunset

Date: 2021

Medium: Giclee print on Canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 50,8


H 48,3


Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Purple Sunset, is a work from Denis Barry’s collection.

Purple sunset. Let’s imagine the moment. A day full of storms, black clouds that oppressed the world, heavy air that surrounded everything, and finally a sword of light that bursts into the sky. A blinding glow that with all its strength breaks the chains of darkness and before the sun finishes making its daily journey reappears in the panorama offering the viewer a wonderful play of rays. It is a powerful work, we could say the eye of God that looks at us and illuminates us, blinding at its peak, but at the same time reassuring in its presence. The certainty that there will be a tomorrow and that today’s clouds are just a parenthesis.

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