Arpita Gaidhane


Artist: Arpita Gaidhane (India)

Title: Pensieve

Date: 2020

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 46


H 61


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Money Back: Yes

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Pensieve, is a work of Arpita Gaidhane’s collection.

Inspired by the “Pensieve” from the Harry Potter series, the painting depicts a container of swirling thoughts and whirling reflections. It captures a serene moment of frozen thoughts. After shaping many generations of young and old, the Harry Potter saga also enters the world of art. Here it becomes a source of inspiration for Arpita Gaidhane. The painter faithful to her philosophy of life and art has grasped that detail, which perhaps many have missed in the course of the various events of the young magician: thought. Being able to stop and view a thought. How many would like to have this privilege, unfortunately, relegated to the world of fairy tales and magicians? Yet Arpita has managed to freeze that particular moment in her painting, a sign of spiritual depth that does not stop appearing.

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