Walter Capezzali

Olympus il banchetto degli dei

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: Olympus il banchetto degli dei

Date: 2020

Medium: paper

Dimension (cm):

L 73


H 53


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Money Back: Yes

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Olympus il banchetto degli dei is a work from the collection of Walter Capezzali

Olympus il banchetto degli dei, is another artwork by Walter Capezzali inspired by ancient Greece mythology. In the theatrical scene, the much-vaunted Olympus is, in reality, a dilapidated, disused palace, cluttered with rubble, in which the ancient gods move mechanically, like ghosts of the past, dressed in white, dragging the steps, oblivious to their past greatness. A Mercury, fatter, perhaps because he remained more active, rides naked on his bicycle, to carry the messages of Jupiter, which no longer have interlocutors. The egg of perfection and pure harmony still hangs in the center of the half-destroyed ceiling. In a gigantic corner, an incongruous apple sandwich makes a fine show on the banquet table.


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