Arpita Gaidhane

Navi’s Eye

Artist: Arpita Gaidhane (India)

Title: Navi's Eye

Date: 2019

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 92


H 122


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Navi’s eye, is a work of Arpita Gaidhane’s collection.

The eye of the magical black cat sees all the colours of existence. The colours of before, the colours of then and the colours of now. Time and space transcended  Navi cat sees the core –  a constantly shifting rainbow, parts of a whole. The eye of the magical black cat sees all the colors of existence. The colors of before, the colors of the after and the colors of now. The Navi cat has transcended time and space and sees the core: a constantly changing rainbow, parts of a whole. The world is beautiful because it is varied! This could be said by reading what the painter says in presenting her work. The black cat, a sign of witchcraft in the west, is seen here as the eye of the gods. Even as the animal that is able to receive the before, during and after by receiving the entire range of colors. Who knows if this is so? The cat with its ways remains among the animals closest to man the most enigmatic.

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