Mariagoretti Eze

Mythification of womanhood 3

Artist: Mariagoretti Eze (Nigeria)

Title: Mythification of womanhood 3

Date: 2021

Medium: Photography

Dimension (cm):

L 60.9


H 91.4


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Money Back: Yes

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Mythification of Womanhood 3, is a work of Mariagoretti Eze’s collection.

Mythification of womanhood. The black and white of this photograph enhances the drama of the scene. Mariagoretti expresses in a photo all the discomfort in which so many women find themselves in the world. Oppression, a lack of physical and psychological freedom, leads many women to suffer for their whole lives a fate that they have not asked for and above all that they do not deserve.

The face closed in a net that continues along the body, a frightening plastic effect and at the same time fascinating for its simplicity and immediacy.

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