Mariagoretti Eze

Mythification of womanhood 2

Artist: Mariagoretti Eze (Nigeria)

Title: Mythification of womanhood 2

Date: 2021

Medium: Photography

Dimension (cm):

L 60.9


H 91.4


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Money Back: Yes

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Mythification of Womanhood 2, is a work of Mariagoretti Eze’s collection.

Mythification of womanhood. The young photographer Mariagoretti Eze loves to immortalize female subjects, not with the simple purpose of enhancing their beauty or a particular characteristic, but to highlight attitudes. The girl in the profile, how many readings of this attitude can there be? Who will see it as a form of shyness, a winking invitation, or a look of love, who on the contrary reads negative things, for the sole fact that she is a woman. Here is Mariagoretti’s battle against those who negatively see the attitudes of women whatever they may be.

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