Walter Capezzali

My own, private, fireman

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: My own, private fireman

Date: 2010

Medium: Paper

Dimension (cm):

L 72


H 52


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My own, private, fireman is an artwork from Walter Capezzali’s collection.

Aphrodite is (Venus for the Latins) the Goddess of Sensual Love, born from the sea foam. In Olympus, she is the uncontested goddess of beauty. Unfortunately,  she married Ephesus (Vulcan for the Latins) the God of Fire, short and deformed. Strangely, Walter Capezzali did not include Ephesus in this collage. He is busy, as usual, with his forge. Meanwhile, a charming Aphrodite is trying to set fire to her hair. She would like to call the attention of one of the vigorous God assistants. My own, private, fireman of the title. Pegasus, the winged horse, bright, white, and innocent, is galloping towards the dark fogs of the desolate timeless valley. The irony of the Artist mocks the Goddess of Beauty. Aphrodite, the most beautiful of all, needs to attract the looks and attention of men. It is the irony of today. Nowadays, beauty is no longer sufficient. It is essential to make people talk about themselves. “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about,” Oscar Wilde said. Culture and intelligence are often overwhelmed. The ridiculous sense of appearing is winning above them. Spectators want the protagonist to cancel herself out to please the man. Aphrodite, conceited, does not notice that her fireman yearns for fire, an element that he has always fought, and not silly beauty. After all, Pegasus is perhaps scandalized by such foolishness. He prefers to fly away to dark destinations, rather than attend such a show. Modern men in My own, private, fireman Absent Ephesus is working in the maze of the earth, leaving his woman alone. He is the incarnation of today’s man, too busy with money and career, to devote himself to affection.

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