Avinash S Pise

Morning at Cloud Stage

Artist: Avinash S Pise (India)

Title: Morning at Cloud Stage

Date: 2020

Medium: oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 30,5


H 20,5


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Money Back: Yes

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Morning at Cloud Stage is a work of Avinash Pise’s collection.

Morning at Cloud Stage. The awakening. When the colors of dawn begin to take over the dark colors of the night. In this small painting the artist has decided to use the palette knife oil technique, the thick and fat colors offer the vivid feeling of dawn. At the top center, the clouds are the first to be hit by the new day, below them an ancient plain perched in its dark colors, where only small flashes manage to take over. The two white brushstrokes in the center of the canvas will bring back the whiteness of the cloud which collects the maximum light of the moment and is reflected like a scratch on the underlying surface. Intense and beautiful in this color combination.

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