Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese

Marina Tsvetaeva

Artist: Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese (France)

Title: Marina Tsvetaeva

Date: 2012

Medium: mixed media

Dimension (cm):

L 50


H 52


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Money Back: Yes

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Marina Tsvetaeva is a work of Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese’s¬†collection.

Marina Tsvetaeva. Work belonging to the series “Important Women of the twentieth century”. Reproduces the portrait of a great Russian poetess. Tsvetaeva’s poetry combines eccentricity with rigorous use of language, not without paradoxical metaphors. If during the first creative phase, Tsvetaeva felt the influence of Mayakovsky and her poetic vigor, later she detached from it thanks to her culture based on the German romantics, and therefore she drew closer to both Pasternak and the poetic soul of Pushkin.

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