Claudia Ciotti

Madonna and Child (Lorenzetti)

Artist: Claudia Ciotti (Italy)

Title: Madonna and Child (Lorenzetti)

Date: 2019

Medium: entirely hand-painted ceramic on a white porcelain ground plate, with ceramic oxides and with finishes in platinum and glossy and opaque pure gold.

Dimension (cm):

L 30


H 40


W 5

Weight (kg): 10,6

Shipping method: Ships in a Crate



Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Madonna and Child is an artwork belonging to Claudia Ciotti’s collection.

Madonna and Child. Here Claudia Ciotti has created a marvelous work inspired by that performed by Pietro Lorenzetti (Siena, circa 1280/85 – circa 1348) an Italian painter of the fourteenth century, one of the masters of the Sienese school. He was the older brother of Ambrogio Lorenzetti. From 1310 to 1320 he participated in the great decorative construction site of the Lower Basilica of Assisi, with Martini and other Florentine painters of the school of Giotto; in particular, he worked in the south transept in the service of Cardinal Napoleone Orsini, frescoing scenes from the Passion of Christ. Lorenzetti then went to Siena, where in 1329 he painted the great Altarpiece of the Carmine, formerly in the church of the Carmine. The Madonna is seated on the throne, in a solemn plasticity that recalls Giotto’s Madonna di Ognissanti, especially in the full-bodied nuances of her face. Around 1340 he painted the altarpiece of Blessed Humility for a Florentine church, while the Madonna and Child Enthroned with Eight Angels comes from Pistoia (1340). Obviously, this work by Claudia Ciotti is not a simple restyling but expresses the mastery of an artist who knows how to retrace the wonders of art history, through absolutely different execution techniques. Here it is no longer the brushstroke on the canvas, but the one on refractory stone, which involves innumerable executive and design difficulties.

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