Claudia Ciotti

Madonna and Child

Artist: Claudia Ciotti (Italy)

Title: Madonna and Child

Date: 2015

Medium: entirely hand-painted ceramic on refractory plate, with ceramic oxides and with matt and glossy pure gold finishes

Dimension (cm):

L 42


H 55


W 5

Weight (kg): 10,6







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Madonna and Child is an artwork belonging to Claudia Ciotti’s collection.

Claudia Ciotti, here has created a wonderful work inspired by a similar one performed by Bernardino di Betto Betti, better known as Pinturicchio or Pintoricchio (Perugia, about 1452 – Siena, 11 December 1513), was an Italian painter. The nickname of Pinturicchio (“little Pintor”, that is “painter”) derives from his small build and he himself did it by using it to sign some works. Giorgio Vasari described his biography in Le Lives of 1568 (Bernardino Pinturicchio) citing in the final part also Nicolò Alunno of Foligno. He was a complete artist, capable of mastering both the art of panel painting, fresco, and miniature, working for some of the most important personalities of his time. He was one of the great masters of the Umbrian school of the second half of the fifteenth century, with Pietro Perugino and the young Raphael.

Obviously, it is not a simple makeover, but the skill of an artisan-artist who knows how to retrace the wonders of the history of art, through absolutely different execution techniques. Here it is no longer the brushstroke on a canvas, but the one on refractory stone, which involves countless executive and design difficulties.
The artist intends to give those who know how to appreciate this artistic genre a unique work both for quality and realization.

Technique: entirely hand-painted ceramic on a refractory plate, with ceramic oxides and with matt and glossy pure gold finishes

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