Walter Capezzali

La kilix blu – Delos

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: La kilix blu - Delos

Date: 2020

Medium: ink and watercolor on paper

Dimension (cm):

L 57


H 42


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Money Back: Yes

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La kylix blu – Delos is another artwork by Walter Capezzali

Kilix is the cup used in banquets, but also in sacred ceremonies, a tribute to Greek history that inspired Walter Capezzali. The blue kylix – Delos is part of Greek mythology. From the figure of the god Apollo who prevailed over the other deities, the sanctuary of Delos was born, already famous in the Homeric era, which reached its maximum splendor in the archaic and classical eras. The Greeks considered it a sign of prestige to erect monuments and make generous offerings to the sanctuary. Delos fell into decline after the sack of Mithridates VI as its monuments were destroyed and the inhabitants killed. In 1500 the Venetians, led by Morosini, took away one of the marble lions of the so-called. “Terrazza dei Leoni” to embellish the entrance to the Venice Arsenale.


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