Walter Capezzali

La decisione

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: la decisione Elena e Paride

Date: 2020

Medium: paper

Dimension (cm):

L 51


H 36


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Money Back: Yes

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La decisione Elena e Paride, is a work from the collection of Walter Capezzali

La decisione Elena e Paride, is another artwork by Walter Capezzali inspired by ancient Greece mythology. It is night, dark and stormy, outside the Menelaus palace in Sparta. Great staircase, on which the bronze moon reigns indecipherable. It is time for Elena to leave everything and escape with Paris into the unknown. In reality, the unknown is halfway up the steps, with her maids dressed in Valentino red. On one corner the apple has already been picked and tasted. Paris Batman just emerges from the waiting shadows. Elena, the beautiful, graceful Elena, is in the foreground, absorbed, dressed in her best dress. Tender rose petals rain down on her from above.


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