Roman Nogin

Jazz club Solo

Artist: Roman Nogin (Ukraine)

Title: Jazz club Solo

Date: 2021

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 140


H 70


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Money Back: Yes

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Jazz club Solo, is a work from Roman Nogin’s collection.

Beautiful atmospheres are relived through the works of Roman Nogin. He manages to transform what was once warm but smoky atmospheres into beautiful paintings. The beautiful silhouettes of black women stand out among a kaleidoscope of colors, among the musicians who are happily developing a jazz theme. It seems as if a shower of color falls on this scene. There is no room and tarnished air that we might find in a film of the time such as Bogart’s Casablanca, but there is the creative verve, the rhythm made color and the joy of music that is life. This is the creative and reconstructive force of Roman Nogin. His works develop a concept of Jazz, departing from the old cinematographic and photographic stereotypes. He brings to light the true essence of jazz as music that marked not only an era but the world.

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