Crisostomo Giovanni

L’Isola 6

Artist: Giovanni Crisostomo (Italy)

Title: L'isola n.6

Date: 2019

Medium: Mixed media on paper

Dimension (cm):

L 50


H 36


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L’Isola n. 6 is a work of Giovanni Crisostomo’s collection.

Books culture in the world. Books, that is the symbol of culture in the modern world. Ancient wall paintings were the method of the ancients to pass on customs and habits. Water is an indispensable element in life. The artist wants to show us how culture since ancient times, in the form of painting or sculpture or writing, is for essential civilization, as water is for man. Nothing makes a society-like culture grow and this image is neither a synthetic nor an explicit demonstration. But there is also another element that the artist wants to underline by inserting it in the series “L’Isola”, that is how culture is often marginalized, and isolated, by those who are afraid of it or by those who fear that culture is understood as knowledge cancels or compromises his claims. It is a series of collages in which the artist, inspired by elements of daily life, wants to denounce how we all feel on an island, lost in an immense sea of images, sounds, and messages. A world where, paradoxically, although there are social networks that embrace the whole world, the world feels increasingly isolated, where sometimes frenetic communication hides situations of abandonment or profound discomfort. Here this series wants to tell controversial aspects of the same reality and does it through the eyes of Giovanni Crisostomo, who as a contemporary artist, but with modern artistic training, lives in this era of human civilization.

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