Nola Bouza

Inert Heart

Artist: Nola Bouza (Uruguay)

Title: Inert Heart

Date: 2021

Medium: Acrilic on linen

Dimension (cm):

L 90


H 120








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Inert Heart, is a work of Nola Bouza collection.

Inert Heart. This work fuses nature and emotion, evoking the incredible amethysts and their powers, their balancing and pure vibrations that dye our skin when we make contact. It is the fusion between the magnetism of the stone and its harmony, connecting in turn with its coldness and the time mimicking that of those humans with Inert hearts. This work tries to clarify the need of each being on the planet and their interconnection with the earth, showing us that the key is to respectfully coexist to tune in with our essence and that of the universe.

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