Walter Capezzali

Ifegenia promessa sposa ad Achille

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: Ifegenia promessa sposa ad Achille

Date: 2020

Medium: paper

Dimension (cm):

L 62


H 82


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Money Back: Yes

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“Ifegenia promessa sposa ad Achille” is a work from the collection of Walter Capezzali

“Ifegenia promessa sposa ad Achille” is another artwork by Walter Capezzali inspired to ancient Greece mythology.

Tragic dream. The Golden Apple sparked the Trojan War. Iphegenia, the pure, the innocent, will be sacrificed so that the ships of the Achaeans can leave. A cruel deception led her to believe she was preparing to marry Achilles, the most beautiful, the most valiant of the Greeks. Fate, helpless, marks his memories, at the beginning of endless war in which there will be no, in reality, no losers or winners.


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