Walter Capezzali

Icarus is trying on his wings

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: Icarus is trying on his wings

Date: 2015

Medium: Paper

Dimension (cm):

L 42,5


H 52,5


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Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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“Icarus is Trying on his wings” is an artwork collage by Walter Capezzali.

Like some other works of this artist, it deals with ancient Greek mythology. It’s the night of the big flight, out of the Labyrinth. The last sun is getting down. Soon the darkness of the night will cover everything, and Icarus, with his big wings, as black as pitch, made from Daedalus, will hover in the air. They will fly all night long, and then, when the sun rises again to warm the Humans, they will be far finally. It’s not a game or a dream. No more. Icarus is in front of the unknown now and tomorrow, he is going to fly toward the sun.

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