Natasha Perekhodenko

Heavenly Haven

Artist: Natasha Perekhodenko (Ukraine)

Title: Heavenly Haven

Date: 2016

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 77


H 31


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Money Back: Yes

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Heavenly Haven is a work from Natasha Perekhodenko’s collection.

Everyone, when they talk about heavenly heaven, imagines scenes of great serenity and harmony, the light that pervades everywhere and so much calm. Instead, the artist upset this image for once. Here we find trees that merge with black rocks, and a sea surrounding an erupting volcano. Plains with soft hues show a mixture of grass and fallow land and finally a lake in the depths of a cliff or perhaps a ravine where water has always been the master.
Strange vision for an artist who sees in her paintings the aspects of nature with its thousand facets, perhaps his paradise is not what others are looking for or simply for her, it is nature as an end in itself, where the elements water, earth fire, and air coexist according to their nature.

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