Tatiana Zhezmer


Artist: Tatiana Zhezmer (Russia)

Title: Grapes

Date: 2015

Medium: Gabardine print

Dimension (cm):

L 150


H 100








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Grapes, is a work of Tatiana Zhezmer’s collection.

Universal fruit trees. The artist dedicated one of her works to one of the most universal fruit trees: the vine. Plant always known to man and always appreciated and cared for its fruits, grapes. Here it is described with a subtle interweaving of lines that describe the vine leaves and the branches, at the most important time of the year, that is when the grapes are about to be harvested. The peculiarity of the execution lies in combining a net design of the plant, with a background in which the typical colors of the plant merge almost if they were seen through an opaque lens. The two styles are masterfully supported. It is a lively, joyful realization, where one would not expect that the technique used is digital art. This artist entered the Artnuances world, precisely for her ability to use computer graphics or digital art, to create paintings. Often we see fantastic scenes or virtual realities, which computers manage to recreate with great care and great effects, but rarely do we see artists who try their hand at these tools, because they mistakenly consider them soulless, cold and impersonal. Tatiana, on the other hand, is able to demonstrate how artistic talent can express itself also through a digital pen and a computer, creating works that have nothing to envy to those made with classical technique on canvas.

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