Tatiana Zhezmer

Foggy morning Santa Maria della Salute

Artist: Tatiana Zhezmer (Russia)

Title: Foggy morning Santa Maria della Salute - limited of 5

Date: 2018

Medium: print on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 60


H 60


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Foggy Morning Santa Maria della Salute is a work from Tatiana Zhezmer’s collection.

Art is not an island. Art is never an end in itself and it is not an island, on the contrary, it is the exact opposite. Tatiana Zhezmer, taking inspiration from her compatriot, poet among the great, Nobel prize winner Iosif Brodskij, wanted to dedicate a series of works to Venice. Like the great poet, Tatiana has been able to revive the misty sensations that the eye feels when seeing Venice. A feeling of supreme bliss, as Brodsky defines it in his essay “Fondamenta degli incurable” dedicated to Venice. In her work, Tatiana manages to make a sort of magic, the lines that define the seagulls in flight are transformed into the profile of “Santa Maria della Salute”. The watercolor colors, loose and melted, offer the classic feeling of a foggy day, where only the most important architectural elements manage to emerge and be recognized. But the real magic is the technique with which the work is made: digital art.

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