Erika Litteral

Fish out of water

Artist: Erika Litteral (USA)

Title: Fish out of water

Date: 2021

Medium: Digital art print on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 61


H 46


Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Fish out of Water is an artwork belonging to Erika Litteral’s collection.

Relaxing in a chair and absorbing the surroundings is something I should do more often. Stop and take time to appreciate the small details of life indeed. All of us have spent a lot of time indoors recently. Taking some time to go outside for physical and mental health is important too. I am not a fan of eating seafood, but I am fascinated with the colors and patterns of sea life. It would be an incredible experience to see fish floating in the air like birds do every day. This piece of art is a simple celebration of life itself.

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