Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin

Femme Aux Pensees Ardentes

Artist: Frederic Durieu (Belgium) and Nathalie Erin (France)

Title: Femme Aux Pensees Ardentes- Augmented reality

Date: 2020

Medium: Aluminium plates with a hard plastic core Edge: Black between metal plates, rounded corners

Dimension (cm):

L 80


H 80


W 0.3

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Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Femme Aux Pensees Ardentes is a work of Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin’s collection.

Femme Aux Pensees Ardentes. A floral riot perfectly highlights the moment the subject is experiencing. We do not know if the mood is for the expectation of a lover or simple fantasies. But there is a kind of sadness that hovers in the work accompanied by a sound commentary that reveals anguish, for a will that does not find an outlet.

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