Susan Gilli

Excavating the Site

Artist: Susan Gilli (USA)

Title: Excavating the Site

Date: 2019

Medium: Mixed media with acrylics

Dimension (cm):

L 76,2


H 76.,2


W 4

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Money Back: Yes

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Excavating the Site, is a work of Susan Gilli’s collection.

Excavating the Site. If you see a documentary on archeology, sometimes we can see exactly what the artist is proposing to us in his work. Fragments of history that re-emerge from the subsoil, pieces of life lived by our ancestors, who would never have imagined that their daily life would become so precious to us. The strong artist of his mixed technique, masterfully manages to recreate the atmosphere full of joy and at the same time of curiosity, the same that the researcher takes when he encounters these moments. It is the emergence of the past that creates amazement and she succeeds perfectly in her picture.

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