Walter Capezzali

Eros and Psyche

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: Eros and Psyche

Date: 2018

Medium: Paper

Dimension (cm):

L 63,5


H 48,5


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“Eros and Psyche” is a collage artwork by Walter Capezzali.

Eros and Psyche. As with other of his works, it deals with Greek mythology. The “crime” happened. Psyche, flooded by her wish, lit the lamp and dared to look at the splendid naked body of her secret lover. So,  the only taboo she had to keep was broken! And now the splendid palace, a life full of unspeakable pleasures, and the very comfortable, nice, canopy bed will disappear! Eros is ready to fly away. The interpretation of the artist: Walter Capezzali deals with one of the elements that characterize the intimacy between two people: mystery, the pleasure of discovery in the world of Eros. Here mystery plays a fundamental role. The protagonist could not see the lover, but only felt his o her smell. So, being able to touch it in his or her form, is both pleasure and suffering. Giving yourself to the unseen is an act of deep trust. The confidence will disappear when the eyes regain control of the feelings. Here is the crime. This is what the mind, the Psyche, has built thanks to the other senses only to gratify the brain, without prejudice. There is also another message that we could perceive in reading the work: love is real without influence from the elements that are extraneous to the couple’s relationship. Loving following feelings and not reason. Because reason, with its conditionings, often manages to destroy unrepeatable moments. Loving without Psyche and Eros creates a conflict in feelings.

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