Onyinye Ezennia - Zennia

Endangered species 2

Artist: Onyinye Ezennia 'Zennia' (Nigerian)

Title: Endangered species 2

Date: 2020

Medium: thread (installation)

Dimension (cm):

L 61 diameter



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Endangered Species 2 is a work of Zennia’s collection.

Zennia has dedicated many of her works to the situation of our planet: pollution, species in danger of extinction, and the suffering of human beings, especially women and children. In this work, he wanted to signify how many species of animals, plants, and insects slip away silently from planet Earth, amidst the indifference or unawareness of man who is the cause. Threads that descend from a multicolored mass, closely intertwined, which indicates how one species disappearing, and another begins to suffer because in some form it depends. The problem of endangered species is increasingly close to man because not only exotic species disappear, but also those that help man in his own survival, such as bees.

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