Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin

Einstein mikado

Artist: Frederic Durieu (Belgium) and Nathalie Erin (France)

Title: Einstein mikado

Date: 2018

Medium: Aluminium plates with a hard plastic core Edge: Black between metal plates, rounded corners

Dimension (cm):

L 80


H 80


W 0.3

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Einstein mikado, is a work of Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin’s collection.

Einstein mikado. The icon of one of the best known and most loved scottish in the world. We find his face in the most unexpected places or in advertisements furthest from the real character. Yet his iconic figure of him immediately reminds us of the formula with which he explained to the world much of what surrounds us inside and outside the world. Our two artists dedicated this work to him following their original way of breaking down the figure using the most varied objects, in this case the mikado sticks. The result? Absolutely mind blowing.

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