Fausto Maria Franchi

Dumbledore, No. 4

Artist: Fausto Maria Franchi (Italy)

Title: Silente n. 4

Date: 2009

Medium: terracotta

Dimension (cm):

L 30


H 63


W 30

Weight (kg): 20

Shipping method: Ships in a Crate



Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Dumbledore n. 4, is a work of Fausto Maria Franchi’s collection.

Dumbledore. The vision of a bottle through the eyes of a great artist. Nothing is taken for granted. Art meets form and transforms it. This is the strength of a true artist, knowing how to deal with the material and with it reconstruct, and reinvent an object, making it lose part of its original functions in exchange for the aesthetic ones, which are sometimes more appreciated because they caress the eye of the viewer.

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