Fausto Maria Franchi

Dumbledore, No. 3

Artist: Fausto Maria Franchi (Italy)

Title: Silente n. 3

Date: 2019

Medium: terracotta

Dimension (cm):

L 30


H 50


W 37

Weight (kg): 10

Shipping method: Ships in a Crate



Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Dumbledore n. 3, is a work from Fausto Maria Franchi’s collection.

Dumbledore # 3. Form molded in terracotta. Cuts and seams, as if to bring the material back to its original state. After shaping the earth, the artist wanted to symbolize the need to heal what was injured. But it is not always possible to go back, indeed there is always a scar for how much goodwill you can put into it.

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