Elena Prokhorova

Dreaming of Bruegel

Artist: Elena Prokhorova (Russia)

Title: Dreaming of Bruegel

Date: 2020

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Dimension (cm):

L 36,5


H 103








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Dreaming of Bruegel, is a work of Elena Prokhorova’s collection

The painting that freely inspired Elena Prokhorova is “Hunters in the snow” of 1565 by Bruegel the Elder, evidently the winter scenography, suggested to him a work that maintains some elements of contact with the ancient progenitor, even in an absolutely modern. As in the original, on the background you can see people playing on the ice or in the snow, as well as in the foreground, which is rare in Elena’s works, there are trees, otherwise everything changes. The hunters are replaced by two slender girls who, tight in their coats, together with their dogs, admire a city panorama, from the large buildings, under a light snowfall. The colors remain the typical pastel colors of this series of works, with lighting that remains compressed in the lower part of the city, both to highlight the human figures and to underline that particular atmosphere typical of the great cities of the north when they experience these moments.

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