Roman Nogin

Dizzy Gillespie

Artist: Roman Nogin (Ukraine)

Title: Dizzy Gillespie

Date: 2000

Medium: Liquid painting on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 122


H 61


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Money Back: Yes

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Dizzy Gillespie is a painting belonging to the series “Jazz People” by Roman Nogin.

Dizzy Gillespie. Was an American trumpeter, pianist, and composer. The jazz player was also a singer, percussionist, and bandleader. Charlie Parker, was, in his forties, one of the inventors and key figures of bebop and modern jazz. The “imprint of time in space” permeates this entire picture from this series. He is another of the fantastic characters portrayed by Roman Nogin. His liquid painting technique gives a further touch of personality and contributes to the brightness of the whole. The brilliance of the background further increases the particularity of the figure which, with its mosaic composition, makes everything unique.

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