Danaë dreaming of the Shower of Gold


Title: Danaë dreaming of the Shower of Gold

Date: 2020

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 145


H 100








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Danaë dreaming of the Shower of Gold, is a work of Safir-Rifas’s collection.

Danaë dreaming of the Shower of Gold. This work was inspired by erotic art and the Greek legend of Danae. “Danaë dreaming of the Shower of Gold” represents a young and beautiful woman asleep on a sofa. The scene is based on the mythological Princess Danae, told by the Roman poet Ovid, and more extensively by Boccaccio. Danae was isolated in a tower due to a prophecy that her firstborn would kill her father. Despite her isolation, Danae was seen by Zeus who fell in love with her and burning with lust, descended from Olympus and seduced Danae by taking the form of a shower of gold. Danae seduced by her, despite her, became pregnant with Perseus. This painting belongs to the “Soul” series which illustrates the various feelings of the woman, but also the woman as an object of her desire regardless of her will, sometimes describing it as: “The unattainable female ideal”.

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