Erika Litteral


Artist: Erika Litteral (USA)

Title: Cosmos

Date: 2021

Medium: Digital art print on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 51


H 51


Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Cosmos is an artwork belonging to Erika Litteral’s collection.

When I was in my youth, my mother would invite the family to join her and watch the meteor showers late at night. It was exciting to see shooting stars. I still get excited to see shooting stars, but I no longer make wishes. We are so small compared to the growing universe. I think about and watch a lot of documentaries on space and time. I create my art with what my mind is pondering. If I can get it and share it through art, I will be very pleased. I express myself through art more than speaking to people. I am a wallflower. Looking at my artwork and seeing repeating themes or elements gives a glimpse of who I am on the inside.

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