Natasha Perekhodenko

Cold air

Artist: Natasha Perekhodenko (Ukraina)

Title: Cold air

Date: 2017

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 75


H 55


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Money Back: Yes

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Cold Air is a work from Natasha Perekhodenko’s collection.

Cold air. Nature with her manifestations of her is a theme dear to that painter. They often depict the basic elements of which our planet is made: earth, air, fire, and water.
In this work, there is an encounter/clash between air and earth. The landscape is dominated by two colors, the red of the rocks that emerge and the gray of the air, which has condensed into a sea of clouds, which covers the valleys. The motionless clouds that besiege the earth tend to assert their mass just as the walls of a castle oppose the attack of the invaders. We don’t know who will win here. The red of the earth suggests an arid landscape, where vegetation does not take root. On the other hand, we see white clouds full of snow, ready to cover every small spit of land like a soft and cold blanket.

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