Fausto Maria Franchi

Capriccio italiano 8

Artist: Fausto Maria Franchi

Title: Capriccio italiano 8

Date: 2017

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 125


H 80








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Capriccio Italiano no.8 is a work from the Capricci Series by Fausto Maria Franchi

The term “Capriccio” in the Italian language in reference to the figurative arts, means “composition, gimmick, unusual, imaginative, bizarre way of execution”. In this series, the artist Franchi has chosen to give vent to his imagination by proposing a mixture of figures and colors in his Italian Capricci, leaving the viewer with the task of giving his own interpretation. He did not give a specific title, but he played on the role that color can assume by placing itself now on one shape and now on another. We can glimpse dragons or people, objects among the most varied or entire scenes. Often it is just a play of brightly colored chromatisms that attract the eye and activate the brain. It is not randomness, which could be understood as superficiality, far from it, it is the spirit of graphic evolution. Franchi follows in the footsteps of the great masters who characterized the twentieth century with their works. The distortion of the obvious or the extremeization of the object in its classic image. There are those who have gone through combustion, cuts or the extreme geometrization of the figures and those who, like Franchi, play on extravagant colors and shapes, namely his Capriccio

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