Roman Nogin

Calling the thunderstorm

Artist: Roman Nogin (Ukraine)

Title: Calling the thunderstorm

Date: 2011

Medium: Liquid painting on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 125


H 70








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Calling the thunderstorm is a picure belonging to the series “Memory of cities” by Roman Nogin.

The “imprint of time in space” impregnate all this picture of this series. But, in “Calling the thunderstorm” the compositions play with the symbols of art, architecture, nature and the spirit of the society of different eras. It reprehesents the concentration of the history of civilization. These symbolic forms create unexpected connections. Meanwhile, they give off romanticism and an irresistible connection between the place, time, epoch, society, art, nature. However, the images are rather abstract in essence, even if they are written realistically. They form an associative series, to call for independent reading and to give birth to a new vision, not attached to my view, for each viewer.

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