Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese

Blackbird 1

Artist: Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese (France)

Title: Blackbird 1

Date: 2012

Medium: acrylic markers

Dimension (cm):

L 50


H 70


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Blackbird 1, is a work from Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese’s¬†collection.

Blackbird 1. The song, composed in Scotland, is one of the most famous Paul McCartney the album, which has firmly entered his post-Beatles repertoire. At the time some (including Charles Manson) interpreted it in a political key, reading references to the American Black Power Movement. In English (British slang), among other things, “bird” also means girl; hence the meaning “blackbird”.

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