Dominique Mc Kenzie

Black and White 6

Artist: Dominique Mc Kenzie (USA)

Title: Black and White 6

Date: 2021

Medium: Mixed Media on paper

Dimension (cm):

L 92


H 122


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Money Back: Yes

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Black and White 6, is an artwork belonging to Dominique Mc Kenzie’s collection.

Black and White 6. The Black and White series lives on the eternal contrast between these colors. In the architecture of the work, we find sketched geometric figures, which almost delimit the perimeter of action of the two colors. In reality, both tend to invade each other’s field, almost like a battle. The folds, as well as the drains, indicate the suffering in the development of the work by the artist, who as she herself affirms “My works are not designed at the table, but develop from scratch and each one finds in its shape during definitive “.

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