Denis Barry

Bird of Paradise

Artist: Denis Barry (USA)

Title: Bird of Paradise

Date: 2020

Medium: Digital Fractal Image printed on Aluminum

Dimension (cm):

L 63,5


H 63,5


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Bird of Paradise is a work from Danis Barry’s collection.

Bird of Paradise. Males of this species are equipped with modified feathers that are extremely elongated or curled, or modified wing feathers to make sounds when stimulated. Furthermore, the plumage of the males tends to have bright colors or iridescence, while the females are much soberer in color. From this bright color, as well as from the complex courtship rituals, the name “birds of paradise” was born. Here is another example of how Denis Barry managed to transform mathematics and its complex elaborations into artistic virtuosity.
The elaboration of these beautiful shapes requires not only artistic skills but also a lot of patience to make them.

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