Dominique Mc Kenzie

Biodiversity 19

Artist: Dominique Mc Kenzie (USA)

Title: Biodiversity 19

Date: 2021

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 92


H 92


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Biodiversity 19, is an artwork belonging to Dominique Mc Kenzie’s collection.

Biodiversity 19. Dominique Mc Kenzie presents to the public a new series of works dedicated to Biodiversity. It is an absolutely modern theme both in the artistic execution and in its scientific and cultural implications. The world is biodiversity and without it, there would be no planet as we see it today. Man often forgets that it is a crucial factor for his very existence. The colors that intertwine, popping up from time to time are a perfect reading of reality, because biodiversity is not total diversity, but evolution and therefore maintenance of some elements that bind only apparently different beings.

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