Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese

Belle Epoque

Artist: Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese (France)

Title: Belle Epoque

Date: 2012

Medium: mixed media

Dimension (cm):

L 57


H 50


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Belle epoque, is a work from Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese’s collection.

Belle Epoque. The expression “Belle Époque” was born in France in the late nineteenth century, stemming partly from historical reality and partly from a feeling of nostalgia. In that period the inventions and advances in technology and science were unparalleled in past eras. The benefits of these discoveries led to remarkable living standards and social improvements. Electric lighting, radio, automobile, cinema, food pasteurization, and other conveniences contributed to an improvement in living conditions and to the spread of a sense of optimism. Women’s fashion could not be missing.

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