Onyinye Ezennia - Zennia

Behind closed doors 2

Artist: Onyinye Ezennia 'Zennia' (Nigerian)

Title: Behind closed doors 2

Date: 2020

Medium: nails, thread (string) acrylic on board

Dimension (cm):

L 61


H 61


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Behind closed doors 2 is a work of Zennia’s collection.

A work of art characterized by a strong sensual charge. Here the imagination runs in many directions. The young and supple body leaves many hypotheses open. Zennia, with her artistic technique combined with a very strong chromatic sense, has been able to demonstrate how she is able to transpose her sensations or copme on a table in this case to ensure that the spectator can savor what the mind dictates to him. The female nude has been fertile ground for many artists, but going to the vulgar or the trivial is easy because the nude itself is certainly not a proponent of success or appreciation. Zennia, on the other hand, manages to demonstrate all her talent, also aided by her strong feminine sensitivity.

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